“Whittle Your Waste Line”

Yes, I meant to spell it like that.  While a mind is a terrible thing to waste and a waist is a terrible thing to mind, THIS particular waste line is the rack of clothing in your closet that you absolutely don’t wear.


I think our culture is ingrained to spend the last bits of the summer sorting clothing.  I know all those back-to-school sales have haunted me for weeks and now it’s time to do the deed and get rid of those shoddy t-shirts, faded shorts and distastefully worn out bathing suits.

That’s the easy part.

What about the quality items that you purchased and they just hang there, wasting away?  I know we’ve all paid good money for them.  I know we thought it would be perfect.  I know it’s not.  So now what?

There are a lot of options, but I think the first one is the classic, “your best defense is a good offense.”  Put a moratorium on shopping.  We are all guilty of shopping as an activity instead of a specific errand.  Clothing is too plentiful, too easy, too inexpensive, etc.  I do some of my best shopping from the comfort of my chair.  That.  Is.  Bad.

They say that French women’s closets are so sparse that the air can blow the items around with bliss.  (Most European countries don’t even HAVE closets which is a whole other set of issues.)  Imagine that.  I am embarrassed to count up the number of skirts that I own.  I think I’m in love with them all, but I know in reality, I’m not.  It becomes an emotional tie more than anything.

Holding on to something so tightly means you can’t open your hands for something else.  In order to create that energetic flow, we need to jump in feet first.

  • Dump all of your clothes on the bed.  It’s too late now, you’ll either sleep on them or shove them onto the floor and that’s not an option today.
  • Honestly hold up each piece.  If you can’t think immediately the last time you wore it, put it into a bag.
  • Continue this process until you’ve sorted each and every single piece.
  • Now relax, we’re not getting crazy.  Put this bag into the trunk of your car, the spare closet, wherever.  Leave it there for one month.  If you haven’t gone into that bag looking for an item, immediately bring it to your local Goodwill, a consignment shop or wherever these articles will find good homes with someone who will love them.

Trust me when I say that you won’t miss these pieces.  They were cluttering up your mind as soon as you got up in the morning and whether we admit it or not, that kind of fog affects us day in and day out.  A sparse clean line of quality clothing that you really and truly wear creates a sense of accomplishment and makes the morning rush a little less…well, rushed.

The beauty of clearing out clutter is that it becomes addictive and easier.  The Idea of Less is good.  Simple.  It opens up your day to other things.  Less Stuff means More….Non-stuff.

Can you feel the fresh air?


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