Choosing a Day Bag

Summer’s here.  It’s time for us to be out and about and out of the house.  This means we need to be portable, mobile and prepared.  Choosing a day bag that will meet all of our needs can be easy if you know what you have to have.

  • Pockets:  When my bag turns into a dark abyss of nonsense, I can’t find anything.  Inside and outside pockets are important for phones, pens, keys, etc.
  • Washable material:  I am outside more in the summer.  I haul my bag on my bike.  I put it in the grass.  It needs to hold up to day to day wear and tear.
  • Weather proof:  I want a bag that I can put on a beach towel, or near a pool and know my phone won’t be ruined.
  • CUTE!  Need I say more?

ImageI just purchased this Small Downeaster Canvas Bag from L.L. Bean.  It kind of looks like a Speedy.  It has a plaid water proof interior, and it has pockets.


We’ll see what happens.  I’m going to carry it this week and let you know.

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