Big. Sweaters.

Winter is upon us and anyone who’s anyone will notice that the trend in sweaters for winter is that bigger and bulky is better. Fashion designers embraced the big sweater look on the runway for their Fall / Winter collections, which of course look gorgeous on pencil thin models… but what’s a girl to do if she’s just a mere mortal and not a willowy runway model? Well, I’ve listed my favorite ways to keep this look current and chic.

I like to call it, “Seven Tips to Help You Get The Editorial Look Without Looking Like a Linebacker.”

1.  Dark tights are your friends. Dark tights with a bit of a textured pattern like black on black argyle or pinstripes can create a visual interest that will let the eye follow your legs down and create an elongating effect.
2.  Wear a skirt. A straight cut skirt that hits just an inch or so above your knee will give you a willowy silhouette. The slightly narrow cut of the skirt will balance the bulk of a sweater. You want opposites to pull this look off; huge sweater plays against the skirt. This is entirely true until you talk about…
3.  Shoes! Play up the heavy texture of a huge sweater with a pair of shoes with some weight to them. Patent leather brogues with a thick heel paired against a big sweater will make your legs shrink into the background.
4.  Belted: Using a wide belt with a matte finish will whittle your waist. It pulls the sweater in and accentuates your figure.
5.  Start small. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of a large sweater, try wearing a large cowl or a snood. It will give you the luxurious look of the knit near your face. You’ll look current, especially if you pair it with a long belted cardigan.
6.  Try a lighter gauge knit. Instead of going straight for the heavy gauge cashmere, try a medium or lighter merino wool. The ruching that’s so popular this season will add that bit of texture without as much heft.
7.  Color. Darker, muted colors will not only make you looks slimmer in the sweater, but deep neutrals will make anything look more on trend. You want people to see you, not just a neon pink cat that you decided to wear.

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