Against the Black Backdrop

Stand out.

Stand out.

….at what point do you realize that maybe, just maybe, black isn’t always the right choice?

There.  I said it.

It’s true though.  Some times, the black isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be on every woman.  Some of us have a more delicate complexion, or our hair color competes, or it clashes with our coats.  I think we all reach for black because it’s slimming, it’s easy and it’s every where.  When I see choices in colors, say in sweaters or boots, I always choose the black.

It got me to thinking though, what if I DIDN’T get the black one?  It all started with this red bag.  I was so excited to find a high end designer bag on sale for such a ridiculous price that I cajoled myself into buying it solely on the fact that it would be snatched up the minute I put it down.  (After all, I could always return it if I was in fact, in a state of frenzy that I would recover from later that day.)

However; it never happened!  I brought the bag home, and suddenly, boom, it matched and popped and sparkled against my other clothing.  That little bit of red made such a difference.  I could continue to wear my basic neutrals, but somehow, they seemed less….neutral.





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