It’s in the Bag: Travel Footprints


IMG_4387I am a proponent of packing lightly.  I know, I know, you think it’s the minimalism craze.  No.  It’s the  “Me Crazy.”  I want my stuff with me.  There is some illogical kind of security in carrying my own belongings.  When I am on a flight, I get impatient the closer we draw to the final destination.  I want to deplane and get started on my adventure.  The only reason I go through custom lines is that it’s the law.  I’m being serious.

I am entirely convinced that going through JFK after an international flight is what Dante was talking about when he described The Circles of Hell.  One.  After.  The.  Other.  One way to dissipate some of the aggravation is to skip over the baggage claim section.  There’s nothing like scores of over tired, jet lagged people clambering for the same black suit cases.  There is also nothing like passing that over altogether.

I like to think I’m helping make a smaller carbon footprint.  The less I bring with me, means the less weight on the plane.  (I know, illogical.  However, isn’t it illogical that planes are airborne at all?  Think about it.  )  This will probably become more of an issue when the airlines all get (no pun intended) on board about the charging per weight of the passenger, and charging for carry on bags.


It’s lighter and freer.  There is less to worry about.  (I have this down to a science.)

Up next, WHAT to put in that bag.  Stay tuned!!!