Ode to an Old Purse

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The Author and Her New Sirni Bag

The Author and Her New Sirni Bag

Battered Leather, softened with time and the lip gloss that seeped through.

A faithful old friend that never left my side.

A part of myself that always provided for my needs.

My secret treasures, an enigma to others, and sometimes to myself.

As I set you in the back of my closet, I wonder what you would say if you could talk.

Would you say good bye and wish good luck to me

and have sympathy for my eager new clutch?

Instead, you settle into the shelf,

Fragrant with content memories….and the perfume I spilled on you.

-Cynthia Dite….age 18

What is it with handbags?

 I know for myself, I can’t get enough of them.  I love them.  I could spend all day in a store, playing with the pockets and straps and imagining what items of my own I would put into each little section.  Do you do that?  I know that I have an eccentric affinity for bags, but I’ve spoken with other women and some of the reasons THEY Love The Handbag….here are some answers-

  • “No matter what I weigh, it’s guaranteed to fit.”
  • “I can change my bag easier than my hair color.”
  • “Handbags don’t make your feet hurt like new shoes can do.”
  • “I can change my bag faster than I change my mood.”
  • “I feel secure with all my stuff with me.”

Handbags can last forever.  Why do YOU love your bags?


Ode to a Polka Dotted Skirt

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A little robin whispered to me this morning that I should tell you a secret about clothing.  Well.

If I had to choose the pieces of my wardrobe that I would never be without, I would have to include The Polka Dotted Skirt right up in the top three.Image 11

Not the LBD.  I know, right.

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out.  Some women hate the look of patterns.  There is a certain mind set that women feel a pattern makes their butts look big.  Polka dots don’t do that.  In fact, polka dot can really be considered a neutral.  It’s true.  Our eyes perceive a non-directional, repeating pattern as one unit.  This means that you can pair dots with stripes, or flowers, and especially with solids.  The polka dot gives that little bit of panache on an otherwise, every-day-navy-blue-skirt.  Paired with a bright pop of a gorgeous pair of espadrilles or a bag, and suddenly you have elevated an outfit into An Outfit.

Try it.  Skirts are incredibly easy and comfortable to wear.  Instead of grabbing a pair of jeans (again) try a skirt with a t-shirt.  Start small.  Pick the skirt and a well fitting t-shirt in a great, rich color.  The color is secondary to the fit.  You don’t want a t-shirt that comes in packs of three with pit stains.  Keep America beautiful, people.  Navy blue polka dots look posh with colors like deep green, magenta, pale minty green, deep pinks, pale pinks, reds and gray.  Wait.  That’s a lot of colors. I know, right.  That isn’t the exhaustive list.  There’s a secret to a skirt like this.  (Lean in, because I’m going to whisper it.)  The polka dotted skirt is the equivalent of a man’s blue and white striped oxford.  Think about it.  What do men wear those with?  Everything!  Patterned ties, khakis, suits, shorts.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s considered a classic, staple wardrobe piece.  It works.  That’s it.  It just does.

Look.  At.  You.

Chic and oh so urbane.  The best part about this skirt is that it doesn’t have to be expensive.  In fact, the said polka dotted skirt at right is from Target.  It costs $22.99.  American.  Yet, ooo la la, you look so French!!