Follow Up Review of The Downeaster Sport Small Canvas Bag at L.L. Bean Signature

So, I bought the  L.L. Bean Downeaster bag a week ago, and as promised, I am doing a review.  This bag has tons of pockets.  The front one is the perfect size for a cell phone or a passport.Image It is definitely designed for being out and about all day.  There are two side pockets on the exterior of either side.  They zip and keep keys, etc. easy to find as well as secure.  There is another pocket in the front behind the zippered one, this can hold a work I.D. or such.  Inside, I was able to keep a ton of stuff!  I switched out from my usual work bag and everything fit into this!  I didn’t think it could do it, but it did.

Inside, there’s only one pocket, which would be one of my draw backs.  It would be really easy for L.L. Bean to add a line of interior pockets in the front….just a suggestion.  My other issue is that the strap is about two inches too short to be a perfect cross body.  I can use it as such, but it really is designed as a shoulder strap.  For women taller than average height, it might be a bigger problem.

It wasn’t heavy and it looked much cuter than my old bag. I love the classic colors, sailcloth, blue and red.  Each season, they update color trends, so there’s something for every taste.   I absolutely love the shape of a Speedy satchel.  It looks and feels stylish.

This bag would be perfect for a trip.  It has enough of a street chic look to it that you don’t scream out “American Tourist” but also has enough zippers and gadgets to keep your belongings secure and easy to reach.  You could easily use this as a carry-on.  It could hold a pair of shoes and a change of clothes along with all the other paraphernalia we need.

Right now, it’s on sale for $44.99.  Regular price is $59.00.  I used L.L. Bean coupons, but I don’t think I would pay the full price.  (However, I don’t pay the full price for ANYTHING so I’m not a good judge for that.)

Overall, I’d give this bag a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  It really is beautiful.  I love the feel of the canvas, and it makes a pair of jeans and a simple shirt look Yacht Ready.

Sonserae Designs: Jewelry Review and Bracelet Giveaways!!

My Very Own Beautiful Sonserae Designs Original


Image One of the best parts of being on vacation, (or not,) is shopping for something fabulous!!  In Los Angeles, there is a genius among them!  Sonserae Designs has all the newest fashions hot off the red carpet.  Her work is peppered throughout specialty shops in Los Angeles, so you know it’s cool.

Designing jewelry for about four years, Sonserae  enjoys all sorts of hobbies. She can knit, crochet, sew, paint, and cook.  All of these hobbies help in the design process because she is able to combine different textiles and materials in new and creative ways.

“Living in Los Angeles” says Sonserae,  “And being a visual effects artist, I have the great advantage of being on the cutting edge of the next fashion and celebrity trends. I often head downtown to the Fashion District and see what’s the next big thing and what’s the rage. My jewelry and designs reflect the latest in SoCal fashion trends which leads the way for the rest of America.”

Her designs are both earthy and organic as well as urbane and chic.  Sonserae Designs pieces are perfect for the boardroom, the classroom, and the ballroom.  Classic and easy to wear, they will soon become favorite pieces.

Her pieces are inspired by many things.  She says, “my design inspirations usually come to me in the middle of the night or early morning while I wake. Some idea pops in my head and I usually work out all the details as I think and ponder on it during the day…sometimes while walking the dog or at the gym. I find that I’m more prepared to use the materials if I just think about them for a few days beforehand. I use the same process when I am figuring out a solution to a problem in visual effects…but jewelry design is way more creative.”

All of her work is made here in America by Sonserae herself.  She does custom orders and can even create the perfect bridal party pieces.  I love these pieces, not only because they are gorgeous in themselves, but each one arrives beautifully gift wrapped.  She has been a go-to girl for birthdays and care packages for me!!

I feel it is so important to support our local American artisans and small business shops.   I wanted to share this little gem of a designer with you…..and now Sonserae is sharing something with YOU.   She has honored me with  not one, but TWO jewelry giveaways for Scrivo readers!!!



It isn’t difficult to win.  Here’s what you need to do…

1-Click to subscribe to Scrivo, maybe write a comment below to say hello!

2- Visit her fantastic Etsy shop at Sonserae Designs.  You can contact her directly through her Etsy page or you can like her on Facebook.  Take a minute to say hello and tell her  you’re a Scrivo fan.

Sonserae will choose two winners at random, but you can’t win it, if you aren’t in it.  So hop to it!!

The two lucky winners will be notified via Scrivo and we will post the winner’s first name and state here on Scrivo, as well as Sonserae’s Facebook. Good luck!