Pseudo-Neutrals: Leopards and Stripes


A really simple idea for Dressing Well is mixing pseudo-neutrals.  Great!  What the heck is a pseudo-neutral?   Pseudo is the prefix for “false, fake, etc.”  Well, much in the way a polka dotted pattern is a neutral, the same is true for stripes and animal prints.  They are accepted as one design by our eyes.  We see them as a pattern, but at the same time, they are universal.  So, they’re fake neutrals because they will go with anything.  Take the leopard print.  It is everywhere in both clothing and accessories.  Shoes, bags, belts, you name it. Choose one piece as an accent….like a scarf.  Now, pair it with a nautical stripe.  It works.  Little pops of unexpected patterns can look really edgy.  It isn’t any more work to put on a leopard belt than a standard black leather one.  Yet it adds interest and texture.  Try this look with a simple skirt or a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans.  It’s elegant.  Like you.Image