Bouquet of Memories: Signature Accessories


ImageSignature accessories are always a source of interest to me.  How about you?  I love the idea of having something that no one else has.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, just meaningful.   Here’s an interesting and unique way to Make A Memory.  Choose a beautiful, long 36-inch chain.  Get one that is sturdy and wear it without a pendant….until you get see one that speaks to you.  Birthstones of your children, your husband’s initials, a feather, a cross, a quote, these are just the beginning of ideas….there’s millions of options.

If you are taking a vacation, buy a charm in each city that you visit.  Visit the local artisan fairs that are literally EVERYWHERE now.   You’ll be amazed at the unique and beautiful pieces that are made by local artists.  You can feel the effort and the energy in each piece they make.

Another idea is to try collecting all the same type of charm.  Buy something you love, like ducks, your initial, angels or even shoes.  Imagine a chain of only four-leaf clovers or stars.  Whatever makes you smile is what you should choose. See how many different ones you can find.

It will be one of a kind.  It will become a signature accessory.  When you’re wearing it, you’ll Feel Dressed.  Polished.  Special.  It will make you smile to hear it jingle when you walk.  You’ll miss it when you aren’t wearing it.

It may take you years to finish this necklace.  You may never declare it to be done.  There may always be another piece to add.  The more you wear it, the more It Will Become You.  It is like your life on a string.  Literally.


Sonserae Designs: Jewelry Review and Bracelet Giveaways!!

My Very Own Beautiful Sonserae Designs Original


Image One of the best parts of being on vacation, (or not,) is shopping for something fabulous!!  In Los Angeles, there is a genius among them!  Sonserae Designs has all the newest fashions hot off the red carpet.  Her work is peppered throughout specialty shops in Los Angeles, so you know it’s cool.

Designing jewelry for about four years, Sonserae  enjoys all sorts of hobbies. She can knit, crochet, sew, paint, and cook.  All of these hobbies help in the design process because she is able to combine different textiles and materials in new and creative ways.

“Living in Los Angeles” says Sonserae,  “And being a visual effects artist, I have the great advantage of being on the cutting edge of the next fashion and celebrity trends. I often head downtown to the Fashion District and see what’s the next big thing and what’s the rage. My jewelry and designs reflect the latest in SoCal fashion trends which leads the way for the rest of America.”

Her designs are both earthy and organic as well as urbane and chic.  Sonserae Designs pieces are perfect for the boardroom, the classroom, and the ballroom.  Classic and easy to wear, they will soon become favorite pieces.

Her pieces are inspired by many things.  She says, “my design inspirations usually come to me in the middle of the night or early morning while I wake. Some idea pops in my head and I usually work out all the details as I think and ponder on it during the day…sometimes while walking the dog or at the gym. I find that I’m more prepared to use the materials if I just think about them for a few days beforehand. I use the same process when I am figuring out a solution to a problem in visual effects…but jewelry design is way more creative.”

All of her work is made here in America by Sonserae herself.  She does custom orders and can even create the perfect bridal party pieces.  I love these pieces, not only because they are gorgeous in themselves, but each one arrives beautifully gift wrapped.  She has been a go-to girl for birthdays and care packages for me!!

I feel it is so important to support our local American artisans and small business shops.   I wanted to share this little gem of a designer with you…..and now Sonserae is sharing something with YOU.   She has honored me with  not one, but TWO jewelry giveaways for Scrivo readers!!!



It isn’t difficult to win.  Here’s what you need to do…

1-Click to subscribe to Scrivo, maybe write a comment below to say hello!

2- Visit her fantastic Etsy shop at Sonserae Designs.  You can contact her directly through her Etsy page or you can like her on Facebook.  Take a minute to say hello and tell her  you’re a Scrivo fan.

Sonserae will choose two winners at random, but you can’t win it, if you aren’t in it.  So hop to it!!

The two lucky winners will be notified via Scrivo and we will post the winner’s first name and state here on Scrivo, as well as Sonserae’s Facebook. Good luck!


Signature Accessories….Jewelry

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that a woman could own some piece of jewelry that became a part of her.  I think there is something so sentimental and personal about wearing the same piece of jewelry each day.   I always notice the jewelry other women are wearing.  I wonder who gave it to them, why they chose it, what it means. I think it’s important to have something with meaning.  I’ve never been able to just go into a store and buy a piece of jewelry.  I need to think.  What will it reflect about me?  Does it send a message at all?  What kinds of feelings do I have when I wear it?  What does it represent?

I think now there is a special intimacy in wearing handmade gold or  silver.  A handmade piece holds such a warmth to it.  I like to choose things that represent what I love…my husband, my daughters, my God. My faith is central to my being.  I am drawn to any kind of symbol or icon that will identify me as a Christian.  That narrows the scope a bit.

I love the idea of wearing something that can become so connected to you that it transfers energy somehow. When I travel, I am always drawn to the local artisan jewelry.  Handmade rings or bracelets that tell a story about a culture are palpable memories.  Each time I wear a piece, I will remember the sensuous parts of the moments It Became Mine.  The heat.  The smells.  The sounds.  The touch.  The music.  All of this becomes a sentimental part of wearing your history (and your heart) on your sleeve. Do you have a piece you wear all the time?  What do you think it says? I’d love to hear about it.

Own less. It’s more.

Traveling light is an idea that has appealed to me for years.  I’ve read articles and blogs about lightening the load, packing less, double duty toiletries….but I think the real appeal is that when you HAVE less, you have MORE.  There is a sense of freedom that comes with Owning Fewer Belongings.  I love the sense of detachment from my stuff.  The Bible says not to store your treasure where moths and thieves can get at it, but rather to store them in heaven.

Beautifully put.

I wonder, if I had to evacuate my house due to pending natural disaster, what things would I take?  Obviously, since my family and my pets are not things, but living beings, they don’t count.  I would already have them in the car.  However; if I were to take a look back into the house of what was Worthy of Saving, what would it be?

I wear the same jewelry all the time.  It’s part of me.  Each piece was given to me by special loved ones.  They hold sentimental value and they have meaning.  I am never without them.

I carry my Bible in my bag….the bag itself would be worth saving.  It was purchased in Italy at The Sirni Pelletteria in Rome.  (That’s a whole other story.)  Dishes?  Candles? Appliances?  Even photographs that are priceless to me have already been loaded out into cyberspace.

Toys?  I do have a lovely china doll my husband put into my Christmas stocking one year after I told him that was my dream as a child to see one peeking out of my stocking.  I would take her….and my purple sock monkey.

What would you bring?  What is Worthy to Ride Away from Disaster?