How to Find Joy on Etsy

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One of the best places to find handmade, beautiful pieces of just about anything is Etsy.  I love, love, love, this site. I have found the most unique and beautiful things, and met some of the most unique and beautiful people.  One of these artists is Joy Boardman.  Her shop on Etsy is, to quote her, “unique, irreverent and beautiful.”

Her company, Artistic Drama, is a reflection of Joy.  She has saved clippings since she was twelve to create these whimsical beautiful pieces of art.  They just make you smile.  I love to have things in my house that speak to who I am and what I love, don’t you?  Sentimental, silly and sassy.  (Like you!)

A massage therapist for women based out of Staunton, Virginia, her mission statement is “making massage affordable for women.”  If you’re lucky enough to be in the area, give her a try.  Her spirit of warmth and giving is shared through her Time Bank Alternate Economy which is a time for time trade off that she has spear headed in the community.

I found Joy (no pun intended, well maybe a little,)  when I found this gorgeous card quoting The Great Gatsby.Image 1  Her shop, Artistic Drama,  offers beautiful, recycled card stock works of art.  Each one is special.  These little cards are the perfect note.  Before you ever sign them, they have already become special to the recipient.  Framed, they will hold a place of honor in your home.  Check out her site and see what goodies she has this week.  She updates often and has a gift for coupling the perfect quotes with the perfect image.  Her Facebook Page is filled with new creations.

 Be sure to see these bunnies and owls!  Each one has a name and they are looking for a forever home.  George is emotionally unstable.  Elliot is afraid of life. Beatrice-the-chick’s-husband left her, and Heather who enjoys having parties and hula-hooping.  Trust me.  You need a little  Joy in your life.


I Write.

My site, “Scrivo.” is the Italian phrase for “I write.”  You can imagine my delight when I stumbled across this piece at Crafting4Cause at Etsy.  The artist is a true gem.  Her pieces are hand-stamped beauties that are at once timeless and trendy.  She has awareness pieces for everything from Autism, to Vegans, to Cancer Survivors.  They are just beautiful to look at, and what’s more, they hold special meaning.  The artist donates proceeds from each piece for animal rescue and activism.

I just love jewelry with meaning.  This says so much!

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