The Fanny Pack

IMG_2089The Fanny pack in theory is a great idea.  Designed to keep all of your belongings safe and easily in reach, it created a craze when they were popular, in the 1980’s.  Originally, the fanny pack was designed for cyclists to wear above their, well, fanny.  It was streamlined and out of the way.  The difference here folks, is that it was on a cyclist.  Some people wear this so that it’s in the front.

Keep America Beautiful!  (…as well as anywhere else you may go.)

There are so many functional, fashionable and affordable bags that there’s really no excuse for carrying around something that doesn’t look as fantastic as you do!  There are a few brand that I recommend.

 Baggallini bags are an affordable and attractive.  Not only are they filled with tons of pockets and zippers for safe stashing, they are light and easy to keep clean.  (This is an extra bonus if you are running around town with children in tow.)

Lo and Sons is another option for function and fashion.  A bit more high end in price, they are designed for air travel with pockets for passports, phones and all the incidentals you are grabbing as you are boarding.

Liebeskind is a German bag, designed after the sleek and stylish capital of Berlin.  I love the urban edgy look of these bags and again, their light weight lends itself to easy travel.  I have sung their praises before.


Once again, I want to mention the importance of looking like you know what you’re doing when you are jetting through airports.  The best (worst) example I can give you is of a woman I saw once in JFK airport in New York.  She literally had her suitcase wide open on the floor and she was groping through it looking for something, as was the man who saw her purse unattended behind her.  Your bag becomes your home away from home when you are traveling.  Make sure you choose a good companion.